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2014-07-16 03:08 am
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Too Many Meds

Ugh, I grew up in a family where my mom's a health nut, she never take medication if she can help it except for a vitamin each morning, but here I am only 24 and I have soooo many pills to take. Allergy, birth control, anxiety (2 kinds too) and god forbit I have anything else go wrong with me that needs to be medicated. XP

I feel like half my diet is pills, and I don't swallow things whole well unless they're...well no, I can't even swallow macaroni noodles well anymore. I used to but it's just not natural.

It's horrible, every day is a chore and a push to make myself take these because they do help, but if I forget, I'm busy, or miss a day for any reason the backlash for my anxiety meds is just horrible. I really wish there was a better way for all of this. I read about the new birth control microchip that's recently been developed and that sounds really cool. It would certainly be one less pill to pop. Now if only I could do something about my anxiety meds. -_-